Back To School Physicals

Hard to believe that summer is almost coming to a close! While you may be busy doing your back to school shopping and stocking up on all of the supplies, it’s also important to schedule back to school physicals for your kids. 

It may seem excessive at first, but it is important that your child sees a doctor for a thorough physical each year. Children grow quickly and you never know when his or her health may change or have an issue, especially around puberty. Beyond just physical health, an annual physical gives your doctor a chance to explore any emotional or social concerns that may have arisen in the last year. 

As your kids get older, their annual wellness exam may also be the first time to address things like drinking, smoking, drugs, sexual activity, and depression. It is also important to stay on top of healthy eating and exercise habits so that you can catch them before they become a problem or your child becomes obese.

Lastly, your child’s annual physical is the best time to stay on top of any vaccines or boosters they may need. While most vaccines are given at a younger age, a booster shot may be required for the vaccine to stay effective. You are not only protecting your child but all of the other children at school.

Don’t delay! Give us a call today to set up a time for your child’s back to school physical so he or she can start the year off in great health! Call us at (443) 656-0306.