Back to College (Disease Sharing, Meningitis, STIs, Mono)

Heading off to college can be so exciting! Either for the first time or heading back to school after a summer at home, there are certain things that are good to remember and stay on top of in order to stay happy and healthy.

For new college students in particular, being away from home for the first time can be challenging. It is important to still get 7-9 hours of sleep each night, eat a balanced diet (avoid that dreaded Freshman 15!) and exercise 30 minutes most days of the week. Students who don’t do these things are more at risk for increased stress, anxiety, depression and obesity. 

It’s also important for college students to steer clear of harmful substances like drugs and alcohol. It can be easy to fall prey to peer pressure and party situations which can lead to binge drinking and even fatal consequences. When arriving on campus, try to identify some safe spaces and resources that you can contact if you’re feeling pressured and uncomfortable.

Also becoming an increasing issue at colleges are STIs and other diseases like meningitis and mono. With STIs, make sure to use proper protection (like condoms) when engaging in sexual activity or choose to abstain. For other diseases, you can prevent them from spreading by washing your hands and not sharing food and drinks. 

While there are plenty of other things to be aware of when heading off to school, these are just a few of the important things to keep in mind! If you have questions or need to get in for a physical before leaving town, give us a call at (443) 656-0306.