Occupational Medicine Services

U.N.I. can help prevent and treat many work-related illnesses and injuries.

Occupational Medical Services

One-quarter of our lives are spent at work.  Your employee’s health is impacted by every aspect of their life including the type of work they do. We provide occupational medical services to prevent and treat work-related injuries.

Preventative measures can help to alleviate most occupational health issues. Because U.N.I. Urgent Care is located in your community, our specially trained staff can effectively recognize, treat and work with your company to help prevent injuries that occur in the workplace.

We can also address other risk factors – including hypertension, smoking, heart disease and musculoskeletal issues – that can impact job performance.

U.N.I. Urgent Care also provides on-site health education seminars and wellness screenings. Let U.N.I. Urgent Care assist you with keeping your employees in tip-top shape, which helps increase your business’ productivity. If you are interested in contracting with U.N.I. for services, contact the Director at director@uniurgentcare.com

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