Are you vaccinated for your holiday vacation trip?

Many people take the holiday vacation as an opportunity to travel. Whether you’re going south to Mexico or much further, you may need vaccines. Different areas of the world have diseases native to their specific region. Since you didn’t grow up in that area, you likely have never been vaccinated for those diseases and additionally don’t have any natural immunity. You can be particularly susceptible to getting sick overseas, which will not only ruin your vacation but could also be dangerous. 

Have you ever sought healthcare in another part of the world? Do you want to try? Finding good doctors to help you in a place you have no experience living in can be challenging. After you get past the language barrier, you still have the hospital bills to pay. 

Every region has different native diseases and some countries even require proof of vaccinations before foreigners enter. Finding out what vaccines you need can be tricky. Please give UNI Urgent Care a call if you’re traveling abroad this holiday season. Not only can we provide you with the right vaccines for the region you are traveling to, but our trained professionals can also discuss methods for staying healthy while in a foreign country. 

Traveling to new places is one of the most exciting experiences you can have. Don’t ruin a once in a lifetime trip (or the holidays) by not preparing adequately.