Healthy Weight Loss and Dropping Pounds

The holidays are a time when people dust off their formalwear and go out on the town. Whether it’s for a family gathering or workplace event, excitement is sometimes marred when people learn their old waist size no longer fits or that a dress doesn’t look quite as good as last year. Please don’t let disappointment over your current weight translate into making an unhealthy decision to drop pounds quickly. 

First, it’s important to assess whether or not the weight you gained is unhealthy. As people get older, their lifestyles may change. Frequently what is portrayed in the media as an appropriate waistline is not necessarily true, which causes people to strive for unhealthy goals. UNI physicians at any of our locations can help assess whether you are at a healthy weight. If you would like to lose a few pounds, UNI physicians can help create an effective plan that uses tried and true methods. 

The number of health fads continues to grow and are pushed everywhere from social media to bus ads. It’s important to recognize that many of these diets are unproven and possibly dangerous to your overall health. Since when has surviving on lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup for multiple days been considered healthy? Is it possible? Yes. Is it healthy? Definitely not. Most cleanses, miracle shakes, and supplements are not FDA approved and will not lead to long term weight loss. Pounds usually return quickly and in the meantime, serious internal functions are disrupted. Even when something says it’s FDA approved, take it with a grain of salt. The FDA does not regulate dietary supplements and products nearly as closely as conventional foods due to legislation passed in 1994.

Please reach out to UNI physicians if you are worried about what you’re taking or how you are feeling. Some of the many benefits of Urgent Care is that there are always doctors available to help quickly and conveniently. Even moderate weight loss can be enormously beneficial to your overall health if it’s necessary. However, dropping pounds by shortcuts is not a healthy option. UNI physicians can help you choose the right foods and use physical exercise to help you reach your weight goal. Lifestyle changes like these are frequently beneficial for your overall well-being in addition to the bathroom scale.