Flu Season is Nearly Here, We Can Help You Stay Healthy

Flu season is arriving and you may already know somebody who has come down with the sickness. Nobody likes to be laid up in bed, feeling terribly, and relying on others to do things you’re capable of while healthy. Preventing this situation is a priority for everyone but it doesn’t mean you need to inconvenience yourself. A few simple things will drastically improve your chances of not getting the flu. 

Cleaning your hands regularly and keeping them away from your eyes, nose, and mouth is a good first measure in preventing the spread of flu germs. Additionally, you can regularly clean surfaces in and around your house. If you have children, remember that their backpacks, lunch boxes, and water bottles are frequently trojan horses for germs they picked up at school. Boosting your immune system is the next thing to do after cleanliness. Extra sleep and regular doses of Vitamin C are great ways to go the extra mile. 

If you or a family member contract the flu, immediate treatment is critical. Staying home, hydrating, and eating well are all good measure to take if you feel you feel sick. The only reason to leave the house would be to visit a doctor. UNI physicians at any of our six convenient locations can give you advice and prescribe antiviral medication. Antivirals are only effective in shortening the duration of the flu and easing symptoms if taken early. While many healthy children and adults can fight the flu off naturally, antivirals can ease the discomfort. Additionally, if you or a loved one are elderly or already experiencing a pre-existing medical condition that could complicate the flu, then antivirals should be taken as quickly as possible. 

Common flu symptoms are fever, fatigue, and headaches. While one of these may not indicate the flu, two symptoms present at the same time constitute a good time to seek treatment or stay home from work. Remember that prevention is not helpful if you are already sick. On a similar note, the CDC recommends everyone six months or older get a flu shot, which can be provided by UNI.