Concussions and Other Sports Related Injuries

Interscholastic sports seasons have kicked off and kids everywhere are busy kicking soccer balls or practicing tackles on the football field. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether or not a child’s aches and pains are something of significance. UNI Urgent Care has six convenient locations where our trained physicians can evaluate, provide advice, and look after your children’s health.

What Is A Concussion?

While UNI treats all sports-related injuries, concussions frequently go undiagnosed. Concussions occur when a person’s head is jolted and causes the brain to move rapidly back and forth inside the skull. Concussions may not be life-threatening but they are serious nonetheless. The CDC classifies concussions as a type of traumatic brain injury. Frequent signs to look for in somebody who’s head has just been bumped are if they appear dazed, move clumsily, answer questions slowly, or have difficulty remembering simple events or instructions.

What To Do If You Suspect You Or A Loved One Has A Concussion

If you think that a child or adult close to you has recently suffered a concussion, it’s critical to have them see a doctor at a medical practice like UNI. Since brains are our most important asset in life, taking care of them is paramount. Shortly after a concussion, it is important to take measures to ensure any possible brain damage is not long-lasting. These measures can include rest, reducing bright light sources, and not listening to loud music. Concussions can frequently have a marked effect on a child’s academic performance and it is important for a doctor to diagnose the cause in order for a school’s administration to understand. Similarly, doctor’s notes can also be presented to a worker’s employer.

Everybody is susceptible to concussions at any age and in situations not related to sports. For example, concussions are frequent in rear-end collisions where whiplash has occurred.

Whether it’s a concussion or another sports-related injury like tennis elbow or shin splints, UNI physicians are here to help take care of you and your family’s health at any of our locations.