Nails Tell The Health Story

Did you know that your nails can reveal clues about your overall health? A variation, change or discoloration in and around the nail bed could be a sign of disease or disorder in the body. Problems in the liver, lungs, and heart, as well as inflammation and dehydration, can potentially show up in your nails. Although many nail abnormalities are harmless, often times changes in nails may accompany other conditions. There are many small indicators in your body that can tell your health story so it is important to be aware and take a look at your nails often!


White nails with dark rims can sometimes indicate a change in liver health while yellow nails may be a sign of a fungal infection. Bluish nails can clue in your healthcare provider that there may be an issue with oxygen or blood. Ridged or rippled nails usually suggest a problem with inflammation. If you have consistently cracked or split nails, that could tell your provider about the condition of your thyroid. Experiencing a puffy cuticle? Not only could it be an issue of inflammation but it may also have to do with connective tissues. Dark lines beneath the nail could be a sign of overall skin health or even melanoma. Lastly, one of the more common nail conditions: bitten nails! While this is a nervous habit for some, nail-biting often represents a greater problem with stress and anxiety.  


If you’re concerned about the appearance of your nails, call or stop by any of our UNI locations. Though nail changes accompany many conditions, these changes are rarely the first sign. Making it that much more imperative to visit your healthcare provider. So… how do your nails look? If you have questions, come in, and we can see what your nails are telling us about your overall health story!