Healthy Holiday Travel

The holidays typically equate for a lot of travel for most people, and we know that travel can be stressful and lead to a lapse in your normal health and routines. We are happy to say that below you will find some ideas to help you have healthy holiday travel:

Healthy Holiday Travel

Rest – Do your best to get a full night’s sleep before your travel day! This is especially important if you are driving, it will help you to stay alert behind the wheel! Studies have also shown that even “a modest disturbance of sleep produces a reduction of natural immune responses” meaning that during the peak of cold and flu season you are even more susceptible. We suggest trying to pack and organize everything you need in advance, leaving the evening before your travel day free for any last minute needs and a good night of sleep!

Pack Healthy Snacks

Pack Snacks or Meal PrepTraveling can often create a large change in typical meal patterns, including when you eat, where you eat, and how much you eat. Packing snacks or meal prepping will help ensure that you are eating something that aligns with you typical dietary choices. The alternative is often fast food, and while it is convenient, it is usually high in calories and low in nutritional value. Another great tool if packing food doesn’t align with your schedule or travel needs is to research food options along your travel route. Airports typically have food maps on their websites, and many mapping apps will show restaurants along highly traveled roads. Regardless of how you plan ahead for your travel meals, all options lead to healthier food options during your journey!

Water – Don’t forget the importance of water during your busy holiday travels! If you are flying a great tip is to pack an empty water bottle in your purse or carry on, and fill it as soon as your pass security. Airplanes have an extremely low humidity level, and when that is combined with the extreme altitude the result can be dehydration. If you are driving, pack extra water in your car, so that you aren’t forced to wait until the next rest stop to hydrate. Regardless of whether you are flying or driving, begin your day with a big glass of water, and continue drinking water during your travels.

Hand Sanitizer – Traveling always leads to public restrooms, overpopulated airports and rest stops, gas stations, and restaurants. Many of these locations can be filled with germs, especially during the winter cold and flu season. Walk in the AirportHand sanitizer helps to ensure that no matter where you are, you can sanitize your hands and help kill helps prevent the cold and flu.

Walk – A little bit of exercise can go a long way! Whether you take a lap or two down the terminal while you are waiting for your flight to board, of you walk the perimeter of the rest stop along the highway, that small amount of exercise will boost your energy, and hopefully your mood too!

We hope these tips help you to stay healthy during your holiday travels! If you do find yourself not feeling well during this holiday season, please visit any of our six UNI locations. No appointment needed, walk-in, get evaluated, and feel better!

This information is not a substitute for medical advice nor is it intended as such. If you have questions about your health please contact your primary care physician, our office, or 911 in case of an emergency.