4 Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be a hard time for many people to maintain their healthy lifestyle habits, but we are happy to report that there are ways to have a healthier Thanksgiving day while still enjoying the big meal!

Healthier Thanksgiving

Below are 4 tips for a healthier Thanksgiving:

1. Start your day with breakfast! It may seem Start your day with a healthy breakfastcounterintuitive,
and many people may argue that they want to save their calories for the big meal, however by starting your day with a filling breakfast you curb your hunger allowing you to control your appetite throughout the day. You will still be able to enjoy all of your favorite holiday foods, but you will inevitably choose smaller portions!

2. Cut the butter and sugar where you can! So many holiday recipes involve a lot of sugar, butter and oils. We know that is what helps the foods taste SO good, but we also believe that some of the sugar and the butters can be cut out, creating food that is a little lighter in calories and still tastes great! Try making your mashed potatoes with only one stick of butter instead of two, taste test it, and add more only if you feel that it is necessary. Another calorie cutting method is to use plain greek yogurt for dips instead of sour cream. Lastly, when baking, many recipes will give sugar cutting tips at the very end of the recipe, give the low sugar option a try and see how you like it. Who knows, you may love the lighter versions even more!

3. Pick a time to exercise on the big day! Thanksgiving day Family Football on Thanksgivingoften revolves around food, food, and more food. However, Thanksgiving is also deeply rooted in friends and family, and what better way to spend time together than getting a little exercise on the big day! Whether you choose to participate in your local Turkey Trot in the morning, a friendly game of football, or a pre or post meal walk around the neighborhood, you will finish you day feeling that much better!

4. Eat slowly and stop when you are full! This tip may seem to be the most obvious, but it is also the easiest to succeed at. Conversation surrounding Thanksgiving often includes eating until we are stuffed, and then trying to eat more! Instead, we suggest serving yourself a bit of everything that you want to try, enjoying your food slowly allowing your body to tell you when it is full, and then stop eating. If you want seconds go for it, but also remember that Thanksgiving food makes for great leftovers!

Thanksgiving is a time for, fun, food, family and friends. We hope you have a wonderful, safe, and healthier Thanksgiving this year!

This information is not a substitute for medical advice nor is it intended as such. If you have questions about your health please contact your primary care physician, our office, or 911 in case of an emergency.